What is Your Value and Worth?

By Deborah Penner / April 12, 2015

I am relatively new in the world of web design so for a time I’ve been doing what I’ve always done when learning something. I have [grossly] undervalued what I bring to the table because I don’t have the full mastery of the technical skills that someone who has been creating with code (or whatever…

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A Simple Offering of Surrender

By Deborah Penner / April 5, 2015

This week’s offering is simple. It is the offering to you of a Rumi poem that answered the wave of despair that greeted me as I woke up from my nap last Sunday afternoon. It came to me through one of the members of a group of deeply involved, intensely transforming Outrageously Open lovers that…

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Deadlines Rock!

By Deborah Penner / March 29, 2015

I LOVE deadlines! Not sayin’ I want a life filled with nothing but – that would take the free out of free spirit – and yet, who knew! I’m working with Noelle Amendola, a powerful dream creator to create a bran new website that will express who she and her husband are in the world.…

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Let Your Perfect Niche Go. Really.

By Deborah Penner / March 22, 2015

Several days ago, a woman who is quickly becoming one of my favorite nature photographers asked me how I determined my niche. It floored me. I had no answer for her at the time. I certainly do not consider myself an expert! Truthfully, I didn’t think I had established that yet! I have struggled with…

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Not Your Typical Earth Mother Mama

By Deborah Penner / March 15, 2015

I am going to tell you all straight up … I am one of those  moms who surrendered to allopathic medicine with the birth of my children.   My daughter liked it in my womb and might have stayed forever if I had let her … It was the safe peaceful place in her world. She…

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Geek Love from Me to You

By Deborah Penner / March 8, 2015

Or First Email to my growing list!   Thank you for inviting me into your inbox. I am so glad you are here!! This space was birthed out of an inspiration early this year from one of my favorite design / creative / entrepreneur people. He is one of 3 to 5 people whose emails…

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