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Unplugged Appreciation

By Deborah Penner / July 11, 2015

I arrived home a few hours ago from a magical time spent with my siblings and their families. On the heels of a few days filled with laughter and connection, I sit here, wondering what to share with you all. I had hoped to have a ton of photos to share with you … as…

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I Wanna Be Adored! (Doesn't everybody?)

By Deborah Penner / July 5, 2015

I wanna be adored! Head to toe. Inside and out.  Every delicious morsel of me.  I wanna be adored. (And if we are honest, don’t we all at some level  want that?) A couple weeks ago I wrote about feeling the need to jump through the hoops I perceived that my family members have each…

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Peace, Deep Joy and Satisfaction

By Deborah Penner / June 27, 2015

I did it!! I pushed play and shipped Love Deep Design to the world this week! I have never felt anything quite this satisfying! My website meets my criteria for how I want to feel when I am working in it, when I look at it. Instead of coming  back to it and cringing because…

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Unmoored and Held in a Circle of One

By Deborah Penner / June 20, 2015

I woke up last week with the feeling of being unmoored,  of having no particular tribe to which I belong.  There were some brief moments of poor me.  Then the question, is that true? I don’t know. Sometimes it feels like I belong  nowhere and I belong everywhere all at once.  Unmoored. I had the recognition…

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Summer Favorites and Staying Receptive

By Deborah Penner / June 6, 2015

It is my favorite season of the year! This place of spring into summer, building up to the longest day, when I get to wake up really early and have it be light outside, when I get to open my door and let in all the outside light starting at the very beginning of my…

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Connecting Strings of Code and ….

By Deborah Penner / May 31, 2015

I have a passion and a love for connecting strings of code and seeing what I can create on the screen. How do I make this user friendly and easy on the eyes? Is it my eyes that count or the eyes of my client’s ideal visitor?

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Body Love

By Deborah Penner / May 24, 2015

Doing something a little differently this week! I am so moved by the video below and as I was sharing this video with one of my favorite groups it occurred to me this is my offering to you all this week. It is powerfully important for all of us! This is particularly powerful to me.…

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Worry and Stress as Friendly Course Correctors

By Deborah Penner / May 17, 2015

I lost contact with my deep internal guidance system for a bit. Or did I? It might be more accurate to say I left alignment with my deep internal guidance system this past couple weeks by allowing myself to become completely wrapped around the axle of worry and stress because  it is how I have…

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Deep blue river with sun sparkles

The Path of Least Resistance .. to Love

By Deborah Penner / May 10, 2015

The words of the  bible say that perfect love casts out fear. My experience has been that as I surrender my resistance to the True Love that I am, fear dissipates into that Love. So rather than projecting “enemy status”onto fear, and casting it outside of myself, I allow it to dissipate. A choice. Rather…

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Trust and Deeper Surrender

By Deborah Penner / May 3, 2015

  I am blown away just a bit how following my internal timing mechanism allows me to hear the content of a course I am doing  in perfect timing for me.   I was not drawn to listen to the video content until this morning(Thursday) and holy cow!! The lesson was on trust.  Significant because?…

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