Love ~ From My Heart to Yours

Love Letters from My Heart to Yours

Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether it’s a happy day for you or a sad day, whether you believe in it or not, whether it irritates the whatever out of you … Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take the romantic love out of the scenario and celebrate pure true Love this day.

The kind of love that drives out all fear.
The kind of love that celebrates you no matter who is or is not in your life.
That Love exists! In you. Now.
That Love loves you no matter who or what.
That Love fuels every cell of your body, your Being.

Last year I bought flowers in celebration of the day. I put them in my favorite spots in the apartment to remind me that love is not dependent on a romantic partner. Sure. It would be nice to have that. And the angst that accumulates around not having that is quite frankly cruel and unkind. I’ve chosen not to subject myself to that level of torture any more.

This year, this year, I am deepening my connection with Divine within even more.

For the sheer joy of it. Because it feels good. Because for me it is the one true thing. Because now that I know, now that I’ve tasted It more consistently than not, I can no longer choose to stay pinched off from True Love, from mySelf.

This Valentine’s Day,
May you know the bliss of the Inner Divine expressing through you.
May your feel it pulsing through your body
Moving it in new ways
Connecting you to deeper and deeper expression.
May you know True Love.
May you have the courage to explore the many nuances of that expression.

I love you all ~~~
Taste the smallest bit of bliss and allow it to grow inside.

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