Celebrating 60


I love the smell of fall mornings, especially when it is raining or has just rained.  The air is perfumed with a sweet freshness. And these mornings are the last of the warm enough to have the door open as I work for the next few months.

Last week I promised the last of the series on how to effectively manage your Facebook Experience.  You can find the first part of that here.

I turn 60 in two days.  The last couple days of a thirty year greater moon cycle connected with the timing of my birth.  I am feeling it, this ending and beginning.   It is the balsamic moon phase …waning crescent – 3 ½ years of greater waning crescent – and these are the  final days of deep release – not that there will not be opportunity for more.  Cycles are like that. Always another opportunity.

This one is the ending of a thirty year cycle in which my children were born, raised and left home. I divorced twice, then loved, loved hard, loved well  and let go of those loves, practiced nursing, let go of that practice this year. Discovered the history of sexual abuse in my childhood, (which explained a shit ton of craziness), nurtured and healed that place over the past 25 years and most recently, have nurtured broken body back into a state closer to wellbeing than it has been in a long while. I can walk. I can dance. The 8000 nerve endings focused in my sweet lady parts work. I am thankful!

This phase of the moon has been prime time for the release of mindsets and the emotions that have attached to the mindsets. Three and a half years of release,  with a focus on creating the space that allows Love to flow through me.  Loving God … Loving myself … Loving my neighbor as myself. Turns out they are all the same thing.  Who knew?

Today, I bow to the religion of my childhood, bless it and release it.  No more fight with it. No more fight.  No more fight.  It is finished.  This has been a long time coming with two 4 year spirals in and out in the early 90s and this last one, beginning in December of 2010 until  somewhere in the spring of 2014.

Divine Beloved, let me move into the next 30 year cycle deeply aware and moving from the place of absolute alignment with One Love ~ One Life ~ One Heart ~ One Dance ~~~ That place from which all else flows.  Flow through me as me. Let what wants to leave leave. Let what wants to come, come.

Thursday evening I sat on my patio with a dear friend, coming to a place of sweet closure. As I was looking at him,sitting in the chair to my right,  speaking my heart for the closure very intensely, I caught a sense of movement in the tree to my left, looked over and saw an owl land.  It was dusk.  I could not see its details, only the dark outline of the owl.  I stopped mid-sentence and turned my focus to the owl.  In the almost 8 years I have lived here, I have not seen an owl.  I was in awe.  This bird, an owl, came for me (and I suspect for my friend) in this moment to affirm that it is time to let go of the remnants of what was.

Alignment and deep gratitude.

Two other gifts in the past week allow me to move forward.  First, I get to update the website for three amazing women who are doing business in beautiful new ways.  My first meeting with them is on my 60th birthday.  Serendipitous joy!

Gift number 2?  I submitted the story of my orgasm for the second edition of Autobiographies of Our Orgasms, compiled by Betsy Blankenbaker and my story has been selected for inclusion! This is a big yes for me! It is a picking up where I left off 10 years ago.  I am blessed.  I will keep you updated.  For now it is a clear message that as I pay attention and act on the nudges to act, life opens up.


Much love and joy to you all!







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