Fearless Balance with a Twist of Bounce

Taking Stock of the Year

As  part of the Web Designer Strategy Academy beta group, I am taking stock of everything in my life this month and looking at how it has evolved and changed. I’ve always been reluctant to do this, believing that it would be depressing to see what did not happen for me.

Instead, while there are areas where I am nowhere near where I’d like to be, I have seen how very much shifted for me.

Key in that process of evolution for me has been my commitment to creating balance in the body … the choice to LIVE instead of dying slowly in a uncomfortable and pain filled physical body.

I now have consistent bounce in my step for the first time in over 10, closer really to 15 years. I find that to be miraculous … except for one thing … it is our birthright and as we give our bodies the care and nourishment at every level that they need and deserve, balance is restored in whatever way that looks like for each of us.

In other words, I have a key role in the balancing process, by what I choose to put into my mouth, how I choose to feel about what I put into my mouth, how I choose to move my body, how I choose to feel about how I move my body, who I choose to hang with, how I choose to feel about those I am choosing to hang out with,  and the thoughts and feelings I choose to put my focus on.

Sometimes the best that gets is to breathe it in, and let it dance through.

I have let go of over 40 pounds … I didn’t measure for at least three months as I was completely focused in on creating balance in my body. The weight removal was a side effect of creating that balance.

I am seeing the underside of 125lb on the scale consistently for the first time in 18 years … Eighteen years!! It no longer hurts to move and I no longer feel like I am carrying a weighted cloak on my body. Another way to express that is that I no longer feel as though I am moving through sludge to get from point A to point B.

My joints are generally happy these days.

This has in turn, made it possible for me to move in dance community with great delight every Saturday morning. In fact, I attribute this shift to both the arrival of a consistent Ecstatic Dance community in Corvallis and my commitment to establishing balance in my physical body. Movement is medicine. So is really good food and physical nourishment.

In fact, I have felt emotionally exhausted and drained by a couple of my projects and by circumstances surrounding my finances ~ and still, STILL, there is a bounce in my step.

In addition, instead of being housebound by the extreme cold (and to me any temperature that results in snow with ice or possibility of ice is extreme cold), I’ve walked in it, with a stable gait , the gait of one with a strong core.

And now I sit in Starbucks, writing. Doing my favorite thing in one of my favorite environments, on a kind of day that would have (and did) benched me only a year ago.
In love. In deep appreciation for the ability to get here and to write in this environment.

Balance in every dimension of my being, manifesting at stabilized gait and a moving about in my community without fear in snow, and yes,  even with the potential of ice.

In deep appreciation of my sister, Hannah Pavick,  for her passion and commitment to the Metabolic Age Support Program, for helping me work out a way to incorporate it into my experience. It works.

And deepest appreciation also for Peter Weinstein and Oli Oldaker for bringing the Ecstatic Dance Corvallis dream into being here in Corvallis. It is my favorite form of meditation and it is my favorite medicine.

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