A Little About Me


Technology does not have to be difficult.  The young ones know this.  They have never known a time without it. It is second nature.  My children were using computers in first grade if not kindergarten and they are in their late twenties and early thirties.

I am another story entirely.  I acclimated gradually.  Very gradually. A little here.  A little there.  I was intimidated by the whole thing.  (I am a late bloomer here.)  I didn't own a computer until 2005 - the year I turned 50.

I love to express myself via written word and a blog, so I taught myself to navigate WordPress.

But! It had to look right, not piecemeal or slapped together. I became increasingly frustrated when the promised point and click to create the website  you want options produced sites that looked nothing like I saw in my head. They looked ... slapped together.

On top of that they didn't do what I wanted them to in the way I wanted.  They didn't flow in a way that was easy and friendly to the reader the way the sites I loved going to did.  It drove me a little bonkers. So I set out to learn more.

I didn't have the language to frame any questions I had about the process to the "gurus". Fortunately  I've had a fascination with learning all of my life. Just because I can. And equally as fortunately, I had time.

The how of that is a story for another time ...

So, long story short I've spent the last several years figuring it out with some  great help along the way.  Mostly learning what doesn't work and translating that into what does work.  In the process, I have discovered a crazy love for putting words and images on the screen in a way that flows.

Here is my hope for your experience here:  You arrive here and are greeted with peace and a sense that what you are looking for is doable with ease and JOY. Yes! That joy is for you - You take a nice, deep breath, and on your out breath, any frantic you arrived with leaves, allowing peace  to permeate.  You take one more breath.  You are sensing  Lightness of Being, laced with a necessary discipline here to get the job of digitalizing your  dream done.  Easily.  With innovation.

Because here it is.  Your business, your dream?  It belongs to the Divine within.  On earth as it is in heaven ... birthed within, seeded by the Divine to be expressed without.

Our businesses, our dreams  ... they belong to the Divine to flow through as it wills.  They will touch who they touch, serve who they serve.  Our job?  Simple.  Let it flow!

If you feel you could be one who could be served by what I do here, I invite you to fill out this quick Discovery Questionnaire.