The Power of Awareness (and Your Facebook Experience)


I am so loving these sweet fall days that are warm enough to keep the door open so I can see outside. I cannot seem to move back into my office on these days.  It is  just too beautiful out here here with the door wide open and gentle breeze blowing!


So!  How do you keep your stuff safe on Facebook?


Is that even possible? The quick honest answer? Nothing on the internet  is totally safe from prying eyes that are determined to obtain info about you.  If you want that you need to get off the internet  and go off  grid. I don’t want to do that. I love the connections here.

Here are some of the things that you can do to minimize prying eyes and  make it difficult for the general population to access that which you’d manage privately.

First, get really clear with yourself. Why are you on Facebook?  What is the point of it, the purpose of it for you? Then learn to ask questions. Questions. Like who can see my stuff? Do I care? If I do care, who do I want to share my posts with?

Here are some of the questions I’ve learned to ask myself before posting and responding.  It is very often not a conscious process anymore. It is awareness of when something doesn’t feel as clear as I’d like it to.

  • Who could be impacted by what I’m about to say, post or share?
  • What am I hoping for?
  • Will it help?
  • Could it hurt?
  • Could it cause unnecessary stress and am I ok with that?
  • Is there an underbelly to my words?
  • If yes, what is that underbelly?
  • Am I pissed off and lashing out?
  • Is that the energy I really want following me around here?
  • And is this what I need to be doing with that specific energy? Or could there be a more effective way of communicating the underbelly?

No judgement. Just notice. Notice what bubbles up for you when you ask yourself these question.

Simple awareness. That is the most powerful tool you have. Awareness. Pay attention to what’s going on internally as you are responding or reacting to whatever it is you see.

Next question if you are posting publicly.  Do I REALLY want to share this with everyone whether I know them or not?

If you are a parent (or grandparent)  of young children  (or any child under the age of 18, really) :  Do I want some random stranger peering at photos of my  child?   Am I putting my child at risk?  (quick answer:  YES!!  You are. Google it!)

Before you push “post” with that very cute photo of your child, look to see what your privacy settings are for that specific post. There’s a drop down menu in the lower right hand corner of every status post. Train yourself to check this before you push “post”.

And, if you forget and  inadvertently post something publicly that you wish you hadn’t you can easily change it by going to your post and clicking on the downward facing arrow next to the globe icon.  Pick the setting you meant to use from that menu and click. Simple as that. One step.

Play around with the drop down menu. Notice that by clicking on “more options”  you have the capacity to create individualized custom share settings.   So maybe there is a post that you want to share with some but not all of your friends. Click on custom and add lists you want to share the post with.

The key message here?  Awareness!  Be aware.  Pay attention!  Get very intentional about how you use Facebook. (And isn’t that the way of it in every arena of living!)

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